Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads

With the advancement of technology and the rapid deployment of smart devices, the number of applications has increased significantly. Today, social media and all similar communication platforms have a huge user base and a great competitive network. All companies are now using social media channels to make their products easier and their brand better known thanks to social media channels.


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Today companies, users or public institutions use dynamic web software to be displayed on the digital platform. What makes web software different from other web design is that it can be fully developed and dynamically managed. Entrepreneurs or public institutions can use web software to realize their new projects that they will publish on the Internet. Web software service is absolutely professional work. We recommend that you work with a professional web software company.
When you need smart, manageable web software, all you have to do is identify your needs and leave the rest to our professional web software team.
We have provided results-oriented advertising solutions to more than 300 individual or corporate companies by offering social media advertising consulting under the Bilişim umbrella from all over Europe. As a Clickstark family, it will always be here to work towards your goals. For detailed information you can reach our customer service team and express your wishes and opinions.

Social media ad features

Facebook Ads

We serve ads to 2.93 billion Facebook users in line with your budget. We also analyze your Facebook business account and share images and text relevant to your industry.


Instagram Ads

We serve ads to 4.55 billion Instagram users according to your budget. We also analyze your Instagram, business profile and share images and texts appropriate to your industry.


Youtube advertising

We serve advertising to 57.4 million YouTube users according to your budget. In addition, by analyzing your YouTube channel, we show our difference from the sectors in which you compete.


Twitter Ads

We serve ads to 229 million Twitter users according to your budget. We also analyze your Twitter business account and share images and texts appropriate to your industry.


TikTok Ads

We provide 26.5 million tictoc users with ad impressions according to your budget. In addition, we analyze your tictoc business account and differentiate it from the companies you compete with.


Google Map Ads

We offer ads to more than 10 billion Google Maps users according to your budget. We also analyze your Google Business account and share images and text.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are social media ads?

Digital advertising that is placed on social media channels to promote products or services for a certain fee is known as social media advertising.
Social media ads are often preferred by people who want to deliver their products to users on the internet. Especially with increasing digitization, brands, institutions and organizations have turned to social media advertising in order to address more people in a short time.
Social media advertising offers companies the opportunity to create an effective advertising strategy with a small budget. Advertising on social media platforms today reaches more people in less time than high-budget advertising. The reason for this situation is that people spend a lot of time on social media applications.

What are the benefits of social media ads?

You can have more audiences in less time.
You can earn more with your small budget.
You can publicize your brand or vision.
You can bring more visitors to your website.

What is social media account management?

We manage and analyze the business account that social media provides to its users by our team of experts. Through micro measurements we offer optional solutions for less effort and more profit.

What are the social media advertising fees?

Social media advertising fees depend on the company’s services and budget. Price ranges vary depending on the competition and search policies of each industry. We provide results-oriented solutions to our clients by creating a budget-friendly schedule.

Who are we working with?


Expert support team

We are here to provide results that can meet the needs of our customers by producing useful products that can work solution-oriented and achieve results. You can reach our customer service team and get information about your project and express your opinions.

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