SEO Services

SEO Services

(SEO) Search engine optimization ensures that your website is listed on Google and similar search engines for the keywords that are of interest to you. You gain vision and prestige for your company by attracting new customers through optimization.


🎯 Get to know SEO that can bring new customers and visions to your business!

You’ve heard of detailed search optimization (SEO) many times. Although everything on your website is defined as ready, the target areas and developments are expanding day by day. With internet user expectations and evolving technology, SEO search criteria vary. As a professional SEO team, we work to create the most suitable website architecture for these criteria. Why is SEO work needed? SEO work is done for website owners and business owners to get the highest number of visitors and customers in their industries. In addition, it offers more profit thanks to SEO by reducing Google Adwords fees. In short, it is highly beneficial for all businesses to have SEO optimization done.
As the ClickStark family, we have provided results-driven solutions to over 450 sole proprietorships or corporates by offering SEO consulting across Europe. We are here to work professionally on your goals and to experience the joy of success together. For detailed information you can reach our customer service team and express your wishes and opinions.

SEO service features

Unique Content

By producing content related to your product or company, we create effective permanent optional solutions against the most important basic working methods of the companies you compete with.


Image optimization

We review all images on your site to ensure they are unique. In addition, we strive for faster performance by making compressions so that it can be opened effectively on all devices.


Page code layout

We check all code on your website and remove all negative or harmful links and similar code completely. We create fast SEO-friendly configurations that can keep up with new technologies.


Malicious links

We detect and remove harmful links to your website from another website. By requesting all search engines again, we declare that no harmful links are associated with the site.


Server optimization

IN ORDER FOR the website to be in a secured environment, we review the security logs of servers, hosting and similar entities and create a shield against SPAM, attacks and similar malicious behavior.


Alternative solutions

As a Clickstark family, we discuss and share deals among ourselves, and we generate optional ideas on the relevant keywords you compete with. We provide our clients with detailed and result-oriented reports.


Frequently Asked Questions


(SEO) Search engine optimization ensures that your website is listed on Google and similar search engines for the keywords that are of interest to you.

What is required for SEO?

Detailed search optimization (SEO) requires professional work. It is optimized by using many tools while working. Based on these results, our team of experts will tell you the right steps to take for your website.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Thanks to SEO, your business will gain more customers and visions. Also, you can save 70% from Google Ads.

What are the SEO fees?

Before we quote our customers a price, we do competitive measurements after learning what the company is offering. After we have determined the performance of your website in search engines after the measurements, we determine the pricing. SEO pricing is based solely on employee hours and practices.

When does SEO show its effect?

It shows its effect 3 or 6 months after our team of experts finishes SEO work. The SEO effect is completely dependent on Google updates. Sometimes it responds to the keywords in a short time. Our ClickStark team of experts will monitor these processes and provide you with the best possible information. We guarantee SEO services.

Who are we working with?


Expert support team

We are here to provide results that can meet the needs of our customers by producing useful products that can work solution-oriented and achieve results. You can reach our customer service team and get information about your project and express your opinions.

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